As us single folks date, we can’t help but be a little envious of our married friends. They seem so happy (well, most of them) and look, they’re all done dating! They’ve found their one true love and here we are, still working the scene trying to find our “better half.”

It’s easy for us to look at the grass over there on the other side, but the truth is our married friends find our single lives pretty enviable at times, too! Don’t think for a minute that every now and then, they wouldn’t want to be in our shoes – but of course, only for a minute! Here are some of the things your married friends envy most about your single life.

1. No One To Answer To

In my opinion, a good marriage doesn’t require asking for “permission” very often. However, two partners should absolutely check in on certain decisions, and even in making plans, they always have someone who needs to be privy to their schedule.

Your married friends envy that you’ve got no one to check in with and can make all your decisions on your own. This doesn’t mean they want to be single, but that they miss the days in which there was less compromise!

2. The Thrill Of The First Date

Okay, so not every first date is thrilling, but married folks remember what it was like to feel those first date jitters. While they probably still think their spouse is the cat’s meow, those tingly butterflies in the stomach aren’t usually there decades later. As single people, we still get to experience those memorable feelings!

3. The “Strange”

Okay, so they’ve had sex with the same person for who knows how long, which is great in many ways. There is something about new sex, however, that everyone finds appealing. While you’re out in the world as a single person, you get to experience new sexual partners and they don’t. Even the most mundane sex life of a single person might sound wild to a married couple who can barely remember the last time they slept with someone other than their spouse.

4. Fewer Responsibilities

They discuss mortgages, their kids’ orthodontic expenses, home improvement, stocks and other “thrilling ventures,” but when you’re dating, you’re still strictly discussing the fun stuff! That’s not to say married people don’t have fun conversations. However, the discovery is less intense as they already know their spouse. Plus, when you’re dating, you don’t have those shared responsibilities to kibitz over. It’s pretty nice!

5. Your Own Space

Lucky you! You get to have your own place … put together exactly how you like it! You don’t have someone’s dirty laundry to step over or a person micromanaging your cleaning habits. You keep things as you see fit without having to worry about interference from someone else. And when you come home, you have the whole place to yourself so you can completely relax.

While we may be a little jealous over our married friends, the reality is they’re a bit green with envy over our lives, too. Don’t spend too much time staring at the “greener grass” and instead, enjoy your own lawn and take care of it!

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