Naturally, we are drawn to a specific physical look: either the dark haired exotic look or the California blond.  And a specific persona as well: Either the charismatic charmer or perhaps the more aloof, mysterious type. If we date our specific type time and time again and it doesn’t work…what does that tell us?   No doubt familiarity breeds comfort but I believe it was Albert Einstein who told us “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.   A friend told me that when he decided his then girlfriend would be his future wife that she was everything he needed but not what he “thought” he wanted.  She didn’t fit the list.  She was 3 years older and not what he imagined.  But bottom line, she elevated him to becoming a better self, she made him smile and life was good.  Enough said.

With the ability to continuously click, cyber dating perpetuates the list mentality.  I’m at fault here.  There definitely need to be some basic fundamental similarities such as the desire (or lack of) to have children, similar religious commitments and lifestyles, and the like.  But putting that aside means not going on a date with someone who is bald when you preferred thick curly hair or a woman who is several years older than your 30 year old cut off really serving you the best outcome.  Sometimes finding what you need can come in mysterious packages.  All I’m saying (note to self) is keep an open mind, you may be wonderfully surprised.