Josh and I met on JDate and hit it off right away. I remember telling my mom I could speak to him for hours on the phone, even though I hadn’t even met him in person yet!

We finally met face to face on March 3, 2011. After the cocktail waitress hit on Josh and I got jealous, I knew I had a major crush.

Josh continued to impress me; buying me flowers, bringing a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg to our second date (we both have an affinity for chocolate with peanut butter), and driving into the city multiple times throughout the week just to see me. After a year and a half, he proposed at sunset at a rooftop hotel overlooking the beach… it was every girl’s dream.

Thank you JDate for making our dreams a reality!

Tiffany and Josh
New York, New York

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  1. Let your life be full of love,
    kindness and happiness, Let
    there be a new day In its
    perfect! I am very pleased to have the opportunity to congratulate you! I love the USA

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