You and your boyfriend have been going strong for quite some time. You already know in your heart of hearts that you want the relationship’s commitment to intensify. You aren’t sure yet if you are ready to marry him or not, but you know that you’re ready to take the next great step: moving in.

Of course, you’re not completely sure how he feels. You think he may feel the same as you, but you’re afraid to ask. But if you try to stall when it comes to asking him about moving in, it isn’t going to make your nerves go away. Here are a few tips to help you pop that big question.

1. Be Direct

Men don’t always pick up on your clues, and they don’t like playing games unless they involve sports or winning prizes at the end. Oh, and there’s a 99.9% chance he’s not psychic (bummer). So tell him how you feel directly and ask if he feels ready to take this step or not. Just be prepared for the possibility that he may not feel the same as you.

2. Tell Him Why

When telling him you’re ready to move in, explain that you want to take your relationship to the next level. You might want to suggest that moving in is a great litmus test to see if you two can make it before deciding about marriage.

If you refuse to move in without a ring, find a way to bring it up without actually asking him to propose or move in at that moment. Give it some time to sink in before you bring it up again. However, understand that this will certainly put a lot of pressure on your guy. It’s a riskier approach, so if you’re set on an engagement before cohabitating, you may need to wait a little longer into your relationship before taking this step.

3. Be Creative

Take him on a scavenger hunt, especially if he’s competitive and likes to play games. Remember, this type of game is acceptable, but making him guess your unspoken wishes is not. Each clue can lead to your big question and shed light on all the wonderful moments you two have shared in your relationship.

4. Get Him While He’s Happy

When you ask him about moving in, don’t ask him right after he’s sick or had a bad day at work. Don’t ask after he’s received any kind of bad news. In fact, don’t hate me men for suggesting this but … after sex might be a great time to ask him. *Leaves that suggestion and walks away quietly. *

5. Location, Location, Location

Is he moving or looking for a place? Ask him if he sees you in a place together now. There may be no time quite like the present to ask the big question. And if you’re not currently located in the same town or city, decide whether you’re willing to move to his location or not before you ask.

Are you ready? Swallow down that heartburn and pull up your big girl panties. It’s time to ask your boyfriend how he feels about moving in.

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