‘Tis the season for a little sub-zero scandal. So when (HEL)L. A. freezes over and what’s left of the summer bronze is traded in for a little fake and bake, you know it’s time to start prepping for the winter weather ahead. Summer induces a little overdose on beachfront bars and Caribbean cocktails, so this season, make sure the only umbrella accompanying you is to keep you high and dry, and not inside of your drink! Trade in the Venice-style rollerblades and kick them to the curb. Instead, opt for a little oceanside skating at one of the various impromptu ice rinks popping up all over this city sinfully lacking in northern culture. If the Icecapades aren’t exactly your idea of a good time, you can head from surf to slopes in under three hours to trade in your bunny from beach to snow. If the scandalous little snowbunny in you snags a snowhunny, there’s no better first date than a trip (and possible fall) down the runs to break the ice! I’m a huge fan of any season that’s couture calls for a little more left to the imagination and a little less of the painfully obvious. So even though skin is always in, conceal that birthday suit in an ever enticing ensemble – it always makes the unwrapping more of a treat later! Stay tuned for more places to turn the heat up, because baby, it’s cold outside! (Yes, even in L.A.)