Dear Gems from Jen,

As opposed to the time it takes meeting people in person and deciding if there is something to continue with, I am finding that I am quickly and easily making connections on JDate. Now I’m feeling live I have too many interactions going on at once.

Any recommendations? Would you recommend that I make a few connections, see where those all go, and if needed, start all over again?

Dear Too Many Connections,

Some of us have all the luck! There are many JDaters out there who I’m sure would love to be in your predicament. In all seriousness however, my best suggestion is to go through all of your connections again.  See whom you are truly connecting with. What are you basing these connections on? For example, are these connections based on looks, personality, education level, things the two of you have in common, etc.? Dwindle some of the people down if you are feeling overwhelmed.  I wouldn’t start all over, just perhaps, get more realistic. It sounds like you are having some luck with the early stages of corresponding, so instead of worrying about it have some fun. Enjoy the experience. Dating does not have to be serious all of the time.

Gems from Jen