United States Senator Joseph Lieberman, Billboard Top 10 Artist Alex Clare, and best-selling author Faye Kellerman are among those being honored as “All Stars” within the Orthodox Jewish community in a new video hitting the web this week. Jewish author and inspirational speaker Allison Josephs is releasing her inaugural top 10 list of “Orthodox Jewish All Stars” and her picks are quite diverse. Josephs, who founded JewintheCity.com, says her top 10 list is based on those “who have reached the pinnacle of their respective fields while maintaining a religiously observant lifestyle,” including:

  • United States Senator Joseph Lieberman
  • Billboard Top 10 Artist Alex Clare
  • Best-Selling Author Faye Kellerman
  • Professional Boxer Dmitriy Salita
  • Basketball Star Tamir Goodman
  • Former HBO Senior Writer/Producer Jamie Geller
  • YouTube A Capella Sensation The Maccabeats
  • Comedian Mendy Pellin
  • Rhodes scholar Miriam Rosenbaum
  • Former U.S. Supreme Court Law Clerk and Founder of Non-Profit Breast Cancer Support Group Rochelle Shoretz

“I’m humbled by the accomplishments of all of our All Stars, each of whom has racked up incredible professional accomplishments while remaining proud, engaged, and committed Orthodox Jews,” said Josephs, who founded Jew in the City five years ago to break down myths and misconceptions about religious Jews and observant Judaism.  “We’re releasing the video during the Chanukah season because the theme of this All Stars award and video–holding strong to Jewish tradition–is one of the main ideas we commemorate on Chanukah.”

From politicians and professional athletes to performers and artists, Josephs’ list showcases men and women who are all successful, but not in the way our society may think Orthodox Jews would be professionally. In a press release, Josephs says she hopes her list “helps to debunk the myth that all Orthodox men are rabbis and that all Orthodox women are homemakers who are prohibited to work outside the home.”

Josephs work is all about breaking down misconceptions and stereotypes about Orthodox Jews and she hopes her top 10 list will help to do just that. “The truth is that these incredible individuals are representative of thousands more who are balancing professional success and religious observance every day, often out of the spotlight. That’s really the inspirational message we want people to take from the video—you too can lead a spiritually committed life without sacrificing professional success.”

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