Online dating isn’t like real dating. When you meet someone online, it’s not like meeting them at a bar. You get all the facts beforehand and this is great if you’re a curious person like I am. So, if you want to find a boyfriend or girlfriend through online dating, follow these rules. I promise they’ll help you.

1. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words
The number one rule of online dating is making sure your pictures are really YOU. Using a stock photo or a picture of someone who looks like you isn’t fair. The same goes for pictures that are outdated. If you post a picture that’s from 1990 when you were 100 lbs and 24 years old, that’s not smart. You want to give yourself a fair shot at meeting someone so choose pictures that show the real you!

2. No Interviews Please
If you want your date to enjoy talking to you, don’t make the date feel like an interview. Make the conversation flow and you’ll have more fun. If you fire questions at your date, he will most likely be intimidated. So remember to smile and get to know him without playing 20 questions.

3. Bye Bye Computer
As soon as you get home from your date, don’t sign on to JDate. Whatever you do, stay away from JDate for at least a day. Yes, I know that if the date went well you might want to stalk your date. But don’t. He can tell when you’ve last signed on and nothing looks worse than you being a late night JDate junkie.

4. Spice Up The Convo
When it comes to conversation topics, don’t play by the rules. The best dates I’ve been on are the ones where we’ve talked about everything. If you’re open and honest, your date will enjoy talking to you. He’ll even feel comfortable with you, which is essential. Of course, don’t be silly and think this means it’s okay to talk about your sex life or your previous boyfriends. But it is okay to talk about politics and religion.

5. Honesty Is Best
Last, and unfortunately  not least, comes the let down. Ladies, if you’re not into a man, don’t lead him on. That’s just cruel. If you don’t see a future with him, tell him. Otherwise he most likely will walk around with a smile on his face thinking he has a crush. Remember that we’re not in middle school anymore. If you don’t like someone, tell them. There are plenty of other JDate fish in the sea!

Carly Spindel is a writer and hopeless romantic. Carly is a world traveler who has lived in Paris and London. She resides in New York and is currently looking for Mr. Right. You can learn more about her at
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