I don’t know about you but I hate first dates. They’re awkward and can be very uncomfortable. There’s so much pressure to have chemistry and to make a fabulous first impression. But if you’re looking for love, like I am, you have to go on them. So, instead of making them monotonous and awful, they should be fun.

Thankfully, the days when drinks and dinner were the norm are slowly disappearing. That gets boring. If you want to have some fun while dating, try these 5 Unexpected First Date Destinations.

1. Comedy Clubs

I know, I know, you’re thinking that a comedy club is an awful first date idea. It’s not conducive to talking and it’s certainly not an intimate or romantic setting.  But that’s what makes it unique! It’s not a typical first date place. In fact, it’s better. If you’re shy and get nervous on first dates, this is the perfect date spot for you. You’re able to see each other’s sense of humor and there’s no forced conversation. You and your date are guaranteed to laugh and if you enjoy each other’s company, you can go for drinks after.

2. Cooking Classes

Yes, a cooking class isn’t a typical first date idea. But who wants typical? I certainly don’t. Obviously cooking classes are a bit pricey but no one ever said dating was cheap. Besides, how can you put a price on love? I’m a big fan of a cooking class for a first date because not only does it take the pressure off those awkward conversations, but it gets you both involved. You’re able to talk to each other while doing a fun activity.

3. Wine Tasting

If a cooking class isn’t in your budget, a wine tasting is a great alternative. Wine tastings allow you to drink, make small talk and even expand your knowledge of vino! Sounds like a great date idea to me! Who doesn’t love trying new wine and learning all about it? Depending on what city you live in, some liquor stores even offer free wine tastings. So if you want your date to think you’re creative, what better than a wine tasting?

4. Pottery Making Classes

Women love activities. It’s a known fact. I’m not sure if it’s the child in us, but we love dates that involve any sort of activity. A pottery making class sure isn’t your normal first date idea, but it definitely is fun. It enables you to be hands on and also gives you some insight into what type of person your date is. As a high maintenance girl who gets manicures weekly, I can tell you I love pottery-making classes. Getting your hands dirty is a nice change after a long day of work. So if your date has a problem getting clay on his or her hands, that’s an easy red flag.

5. Bowling

As I said before, women love activity filled dates.  Besides the fact that it’s a fun activity, a bowling date is a great option because it gives men a chance to be sporty. You don’t have to be a professional bowler to have fun. You’re able to learn about each other in a relaxed setting. Besides, putting on those horrific looking bowling shoes is sure to get a good laugh out of both of you.

Remember, no one wants to date someone who’s boring and afraid of taking a risk. Everyone loves a little adventure in their life. So next time you have a date scheduled, try one of these fun activities. Happy dating!

Carly Spindel is a writer and hopeless romantic. Carly is a world traveler who has lived in Paris and London. She resides in New York and is currently looking for Mr. Right.
  1. Bowling on the first date sounds so wacky, that I’m going to try it!

  2. My first date is dancing, because I have been in long relationships with men who can’t dance at all, and I’m not doing that again, so I want to weed out the non-starters at the start. If a man can dance, we can get a GREAT feel for how we work together, and how each of us deals with our own goofs and the other person’s goofs. Moving together cooperatively on the dance floor is a good predictor for how we might move together in other life situations of relevance.
    Another good thing about a dance date is that you don’t have to talk the whole time; you can sit and talk some of the times and not others.

  3. I stumbled upon meeting for frozen yogurt as a first date. Reason being is the average frozen yogurt can be consumed in less than 15 mins, which presents an exit strategy for either party if so inclined.

  4. I usually will meet someone for drinks in a nice martini bar. You have a bit of a chat, and a lot can be overcome with a martini in hand. I am very good at putting folks at ease, and basically you need to have a good attitude about it. I look at it this way- worse comes to worst, you have a great martini, you’ve met someone new, and you had a night out. other then that, have no expectations that are unrealistic. ALSO: If you make a good connection via online chatting then on the phone, you know you both will be a bit more comfortable once you’ve met =).

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