I found Jason’s profile on JDate and was struck that he loved music and was studying to become a Rabbi. I immediately emailed him a message, letting him know just that, and that my mom is the cantor at my temple so I know all about that world. We went on our first date at an Indian restaurant, and hit it off right away. We immediately knew that this was it.

After a year and a half of dating, Jason proposed to me. It was a regular Thursday (April 18th, 2013), and I was getting over a cold so I stayed home from work that day. He had told me a week prior to asking me to marry him that he had a package delivered to my house. That evening, he texted me that he got a confirmation letter that the package ‘arrived,’ but when I opened the door to check, there was no package, but him, down on one knee with the ring and flowers. I was in such shock! We immediately called my family and his, and have been planning our big day ever since!

Traci and Jason
Danbury, Connecticut

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