I distinctly remember one of the first conversations I had with an ex as we walked along the beach in Mexico. He asked, “Do you think the person you marry will be your greatest love?” It was very insightful, so, I pondered this question. My gut instinctual response was: Probably not, but I will marry the best “life partner” for me.  First know, there are few people as corny, cheesy, romantic as I. That said, I am also a realist. These two personality traits often conflict with each another.

I think the adrenaline rushes we got as kids are irreplaceable memories. For example, think of the first time you thought your heart was broken and life would never be the same. Somehow, you managed and moved on. There will be some relationship memories that stick just because they do. The intensity, the passion, the excitement, the differences, the drama, the attraction, and so on… Yet, those people, no matter how deep your love is, may not make the best life partners. So I guess although my answer was instinctual–I think for me, the most important qualities in a life partner are 1) attraction (most agree that is one thing you are not supposed to go out of the marriage for), and  2) someone who you work well with as a team,has a similar outlook on life as you. There will be so many other bumps in the road, so creating drama yourself is not a bonus in the ride of life that said, settling is not an option, no matter how old you are. I guess the answer to everything in life, is the “compromise” between attraction/passion and finding someone you are “in sync” with.