People are really trusting when it comes to dating. Think about it. Convicts could do so much under the pretense of a “date”. “Hi there, woman I’ve never met. Mind if I come to where you live, at night, pick you up, and then take you to wherever the hell I want? Be ready at exactly 6:30. Oh, also, be sure you look really nice. It would also be courteous if nobody else was home when I come to your house, you know, so it won’t be awkward or anything. Oh, what? No, it’s okay, because it’s a date.”

While I love taking women out to dinner and such, I always feel a little weird when she agrees to let me come pick her up. Really? Don’t you want some sort of insurance that I’m not insane? Maybe you can go visit my parents or something first. They’re like me, but older, and divorced.

I suppose any excitement in life comes with some sort of inherent risk. This risk seems kind of high compared to the reward, though. Only a fraction of first dates leads to something more. However, during the date, you are risking a lot: your safety, your nerves, your Saturday night. More importantly, though, your safety. Maybe first dates should be accompanied by a third party. Or each participant could take a friend. This would also eliminate that awkward moment before the hug at the end of the night. Or it would make it worse, depending on how weird your friends are.

  1. I agree with the trusting. I have talked with women about outings, and usually meet at a coffee shop/restaurant. Then we can get to know each other better, and find out that like her, I am also living with my Dad. I have never lied to women, or even clients who I do Electrical work for. I am a Follower of Yeshua, and God definately knows when you are telling someone a lie. It will always get back to you. God said “Thou Shalt Not Lie”. I no longer live with my dad, because he passed away this last April. I can now tell women that I own a house in Petaluma, anad one in Ukiah (in the country). To Lie is to Sin, and Sin is Death. Behold. “The power of the tongue”.
    Being self-employed means that you probably could not take your date to Venito’s (San Francisco), and then to the San Francisco Opera afterwards. Trust says you Never lie to anyone. It is nice being single, but I am only half a man. When the man and woman come together, in the sight of Almighty God, and are married according to His Word, they become one, and the woman is always the better half.

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