Don’t let the heatwave turn you into a melting, lazy mess. When it’s hot, people want to stay inside with the air conditioning cranked up and although they are online they’d rather not expend the energy to get ready and venture outside. Men find that their clothes become damp with sweat before getting out of the house and women’s make-up runs as soon as it’s applied. If you wear shorts or a skirt then your thighs end up sticking to your seat and all you want to do is chug cup after cup of ice water.

Still, don’t let the heat keep you from meeting your potential mate. Make sure you go somewhere with air conditioning and cool, refreshing foods. Poke fun at the fact that you’re both melting and don’t overthink the prep. If you like each other with your hair matted with sweat to your head or frizzed out from humidity or with sweat circles under your arms or eyeliner running down your face, then you know you’re liking each other for you and not for your appearance.

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