Do you have a type? I’m not talking about tall, dark and handsome but assholes, jerks, and players. Of course, you don’t see them as bad boys… but they are. Chances are, you are not going to change them or transform them or get them to settle down. Someone will, but chances are it’s not you. Could it happen? Sure. But don’t keep dating douchebags just so you can finally succeed in this quest to fix a man.

So when you get your heartbroken over and over and over, maybe it’s time that you take a step back and see what these guys had in common and why you are attracted to that type. Do you not feel like you deserve better? Yes, you need attraction but you also need to be treated with love and respect. Try to date against type and see if the attraction could grow rather than going for a guy where the relationship is built upon lust.

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