JDate is like that nosy lady at temple – they ask a lot of questions. LOL! But these are questions you want to answer; otherwise you wouldn’t have signed up! So answer all the questions honestly but succinctly and don’t overshare. If you don’t answer every question you’ll look like you’re hiding something. There are some multiple choice questions you don’t need to answer – at least not right away – but you should definitely write something in every field. Make sure what you write makes sense, doesn’t have any typos and has a friendly and fun tone. Let your personality shine through, but edit out any stupid jokes.

Try not to repeat the options you wrote in the fill-in the blank categories. I already know what you do, what kind of pet you own and what your hometown is. This is your opportunity to be cute, funny, sarcastic, flirtatious or whatever is your personality. Don’t give too many details, don’t go off on tangents and try not to say anything that is too overly opinionated. This is all information to be shared during a conversation on your first date! Tell us why you decided to join JDate, what your friends would say about you or what kind of person you think you are and what your hobbies are, expanding upon some of the multiple choice selections you made. Focus on what you like to do rather than what you don’t like to do. This will reflect a positive attitude.

Hint: You need to especially make sure the first sentence is a good one because its going to be seen before the person clicks to open up the rest of your profile. I’ve seen some weird things that turned me off in just ten words! That’s all it takes.