Even if you haven’t celebrated Purim since you were in Jewish day school 20 years ago, it’s a great excuse to treat yourself to something delicious, specifically hamantaschen! However, jam and chocolate-filled pastries are a bit on the boring side, so I’ve pulled together 10 of the very best (and most unique) sweet and savory hamantaschen recipes that us grown-ups can appreciate. Plus, you’ll get on-point drink pairings – after all, what is a holiday without drinks?

Click the links below to get the recipes for these tasty Purim treats. (Bonus: Many of these recipes come from great kosher cooking websites!)

Sweet hamantaschen are a must-have for any Purim celebration. Mix things up with these delightful flavor combinations:

Too many sweets will leave you with a sugar hangover. Balance it out with some of these tasty savory hamantaschen recipes:

  • Cheddar Biscuit Hamantaschens with Chambord and Ginger Beer Cocktail. Paired together because biscuits and beer is always a winning combination. 
  • Deli Hamantaschens with Adult Dark Cherry Cream Soda. Paired together because all of my memories going to a deli growing up consisted of me drinking Dr. Browns cream soda or root beer.
  • Pulled BBQ Brisket Hamantaschens with Earl Grey Ginger Spritzer. Paired together because BBQ brisket can be hearty, so it washes down well with a light spritzer. 
  • Mediterranean Style Hamantaschens with Sauvignon Blanc. Paired together because the lightness of Mediterranean fare mixed with the crispness of Sauvignon Blanc is simply delicious. 
  • Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Hamantaschens with Homemade Ginger Ale. Paired together because I, personally, enjoy carbonation with my cream cheese bagels, and this just sounds like a good little treat. 

Purim Party Ideas
This year, rather than letting the holiday come and go without even a notice, invite your friends over and serve up some of these fun recipes and drinks. Here are a few ideas for some ways to spice things up:

  1. Ask each of your guests to bring a single friend of theirs. It’s a fun twist on a singles’ party mix and mingle. Remember the “used date” party from “Sex and the City?”
  2. Encourage guests to dress up. It can be a full-blown costume party or you can just provide colorful masks for something simple and easy.
  3. Make it a cooking party. Have guests contribute ingredients for your hamantaschen fillings, then provide the pastry dough yourself. Try out different recipes and make it into a tasting party. You could even cast votes for who made the best version and give a prize to the winner.

While you might not be dressing up as Queen Esther or Mordecai like you did back in your Solomon Schechter days, you can still have a Purim party – because when is a party ever a bad idea? Happy Purim!

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