G-d knows we all have those dates that we remember forever. The dates that we remember may not even be with the love of our lives, but with someone who we had an absolute blast with. That said, if you nail down a second date, mazel tov! Now, it’s time to make it a special date that the two of you will remember, whether you part after date three or stay together forever!

1. Make It A Throwback

Most of us go for drinks or coffee that first date. For the second, dinner seems to be a safe bet. But you know what? It can be sort of lame.

Why not bring it back to childhood with a little arcade fun? I’m talking pinball, skee ball and some old school arcade games? It’s a great way to relax, get comfortable with each other and have fun. Dinner is great for the belly, but it’s a lot of intensity. Having fun together is key. As the saying goes, ” Couples that play together, stay together.”

2. Work Up A Sweat

If you’re both CrossFit addicts and gym rats, make it a date to sweat. Why not sign up for a run or a Tough Mudder, or take a hike together?

Doing something active is something the two of you will enjoy, and seeing how much you can both push and support each other while burning calories is a great way to get sparks flying.

3. Stroll Down The Beach

Not all of us can make this a second date reality, but if you can, do it! Talk about laidback – the comfy clothes, warm sun and gentle waves lapping at the shore make for the perfect opportunity to learn about each other.

Sometimes, dinner and all the pressure that goes along with it can make people crack and be their worst, riddled with anxieties and fears. A little sunshine and a leisurely walk is a nice laidback second date that could be something (and someone) you remember forever.

4. Go Roller Skating

I can tell you off the bat that I would most likely fall on this second date, but talk about fun! Roller skating requires you to laugh at yourself, ditch fancy clothes and hold each other’s hands. That’s pretty sweet if you ask me. Plus, they might even pump out some old nostalgic tunes. For some of us, it might remind us of our actual first dates ever!

5. Catch A Comedy Show

This is an easy second date to pull off because it doesn’t matter where you live or what the weather is. A comedy show won’t give you a ton of time to chat and get to know each other, but it will tell you both what your respective senses of humor are like, which is important. It’s also great conversation material for some drinks afterwards!

6. Go For The Thrill

It could be everyone for him or herself in a rowdy game of paintball. Or, you could make it a real team effort if the two of you decide to join others on one of those “escape room” experiences in which you’re trapped in a room and have to find the way out.

Yes, this won’t be the date for “princesses” who don’t want to get dirty, or perhaps claustrophobics who can’t deal in a closed off room. However, I guarantee that the two of you will never forget this thrilling date!

A second date is a truly exciting thing. It means you’ve both decided there’s enough intrigue and potential chemistry to take a stab at learning more about the other.  Making it creative will add a little flavor to the date and also help the two of you learn some nuances about the other that sitting down to dinner just won’t do in the same way. So go ahead and have fun with it, and good luck!

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