Tired of your same old go-to date ideas? “Let’s get dinner” or “What movies are in theatres?” always seem to come to mind. Fear no more, JDaters! Here are five untraditional date ideas for you and your partner in crime to help revamp your dating life. *Disclaimer* These date ideas should probably not be for a first date!

1.  Go on a Mini Road Trip to a Hot-Spot Destination Near You

A. Spontaneous adventures spark smiles!
B. If you can’t spend 2-3 hours in a car with someone, you probably won’t be able to stay with them forever. And an added plus is that you get to check out, or revisit an awesome spot near you that you probably rarely get to see.
C. Ex) Santa Barbara from LA or a nice view in Vermont from NYC.

Road Trip
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2.  Random Groupon Classes

A. Cheap, spontaneous, and super fun.
B. What have neither of you never done before, or never even imagined yourself trying to do? Pottery? Hip Hop Dancing? Knitting? Cooking? Glass Fusing? You can do anything!

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3.  Play “Truth or Dare” Across Your City

A. “I DARE YOU TO TAKE YOUR PANTS OFF IN TIMES SQUARE!!” or “Have you ever kissed someone on the Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel… Do you want to?”
B. This is basically an entire day’s activity, which is the perfect amount of time. Plus, it includes a risqué factor that will draw out the eternal child within both of you. Bonus: you’ll get to know each other’s main hang out spots as you venture across your area.

Trouserless date in Times Square? It’s been done…

4.  The Non-Traditional Counterpart to “Dinner & a Movie”

A. Saturday Night! Pizza, sweatpants, ice cream, Netflix, and cuddles. ‘Nuff Said.
B. The phrase “Netflix and Chill” has “sex” connotations blasted all over it. However, it really can be just a great way to get to know your date better. Order a pizza, buy a carton of ice cream, or even make a quick dinner. Just go all out in your comfiest sweats and cuddle up!

cuddle night

5.  A Five-Course Dinner at Different Restaurants

A. “Where should we eat?” is no longer an issue. Just say “We will eat at all of them.”
B. Take a step away from the same old dinner date and smack all your taste buds in one night at a whole bunch of new places for one extended meal. Not only will this date last a lot longer than an old fashioned dinner date, but it will also expose you to new places all over your city for future plain old dinner dates.

Two Broke Girls
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Bonus Idea: Sporadic Community Events

A. They actually happen!
B. Keep your ears and eyes open for these random events sponsored by organizations and sometimes even, dare I say it, the government! One of these outings is a perfect shift away from the traditional amusement park or stroll along the beach boardwalk. Instead, you get to see vendors layered with sponsors, layered with swag, layered with fun… and you might as well just put some whipped cream and a maraschino cherry on top of that.
C. Prime example: 92Y just sponsored a street festival in NYC where thousands of people converged to look at booths, including a JDate one, and live music!

JDate reps Dave (whose JDate username is ‘Adorable Dave’) and Maya having a blast at the 92Y Street Fest.

Got an untraditional date idea of your own? Share it with other readers in the comments section below and give yourself some good dating karma!

David Jacobowitz is JMag’s newest contributor. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in History at UC Berkeley and works as a Marketing Development Associate for JDate.
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  1. On our first date we went to an Edith Piaf retrospective. Where we discovered we are are both closet Francophiles. Her music still permeates our souls.

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