Once a relationship gets to that comfortable stage where you’re spending the night at each other’s house multiple times during the week and leaving a toothbrush and not worrying about how you look 24/7, there will be that time when one of you uses the bathroom without closing the door. The man will probably do it first because standing to pee isn’t such a big deal. A woman will, more often than not, think it’s cute that the guy feels so comfortable around her. Yet she will continue to close the door, click on the fan and turn on the water when popping a squat. Eventually, e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y, a woman will be in mid-sentence and will continue talking as she is using the loo without closing the door. Congratulations! You are now truly in a serious adult relationship. It’s not a pretty thing to talk about, but it’s what really happens behind closed doors. You don’t really think your boyfriend believes you don’t pass gas do you? Because you fart in your sleep. Get embarrassed and then get over it. You also forget to brush your teeth sometimes and you forget to put on deodorant sometimes. If you’re going to marry this person they are going to smell your stank, regardless of where it originates. Sure, you can (and probably should) try and postpone this introduction as long as possible, but be warned, it will happen one day.

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