Sunday evening my posse and I were celebrating with margaritas in hand at La Esquina, a speak easy uber trendy NYC restaurant. Giddy with consumption, wild conversation topics were being exchanged …and then the mention of Vagazzle.  Say what??  Apparently, Jennifer Love Hewitt popularized the trend? After she encountered a bad break-up, she began vagazzling, and now the spas have taken hold of the trend.  What is Vagazzle you ask?  Apparently, it involves affixing tiny jewels to the female nether region: a Swarovski crystaled disco ball down there.

Of course, needing a guy’s verdict on this topic, we immediately turned to our male guests at the dinner party and asked their thoughts.  Bottom line, “so not necessary” said “John MOT.”  “If it’s gotten to that point, I’m interested, and no need for the bedazzler effect.”

So ladies, if you are having a bad day or you and your Honey are at odds, may I recommend a pair of Jimmy Choo’s, Manolo’s, or even a Jacque Torres Chocolate Chip Cookie?  Leave the bling for that left hand.