Valentine’s Day is a huge deal … in our minds. But not in reality.

It’s not like some world-shattering event occurred in the distant past on Valentine’s Day. While there is an actual St. Valentine and he did do some great things, including marrying Christian couples who were being persecuted (I admit that for Jews this isn’t really of relevance, but I digress), the world would still turn without this holiday.

Of course, marketing and Hallmark have beaten into our brains (especially the brains of women) that we need a date, major love or even a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day. So how does one ignore such drivel and be happy alone on this holiday without sticking one’s head into an oven, a la Silvia Plath?

It’s easier than you think.

1. Realize It Doesn’t Matter

Truly, it’s one day out of 365 days a year (366 if it’s leap year) that you are single and don’t have some huge box of chocolates waiting at home for you.

Realize that just because Hallmark (and Victoria’s Secret, Godiva, etc.) believes you should have a romantic partner, it’s okay if you don’t.

It’s one damn day, and really, just because someone does have a date it doesn’t mean that his or her “happily ever after” is here. And if his or her “happily ever after” is here, be happy for that person. Your time will come.

2. Do Something With Friends

If you really don’t want to stay home alone because you’re feeling sad, don’t stay home alone! Who says that only couples are allowed to leave the house to go out on V-Day? Why not gather your best group of friends and head out for some singles’ fun?

And dudes, if you’re feeling the lack of love, you can always head out for some beers with your guy friends. Often, men don’t ask for support if they’re sad about being single. But if you’re down in the dumps, there’s a chance your other single guy friends are as well, so be the one who plans a fun outing to get your mind off things for the night.

3. Buy Yourself What You Want

Why bother waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right to get you something nice? Buy something nice for yourself because you deserve it and want it. Pick out those flowers. Snag that massage on your own dime. Be in love with you. If you’re not, who else will be?

4. Be Lazy And Love It

Jealous of your friend going to that five-star restaurant on Valentine’s Day while you stay home? Whateva! Just hang out, veg out and order in your favorite dinner. Watch a trashy TV show or Netflix in your most comfy sweatpants. Indulge in your creature comforts – and always, always have wine!

5. Make A Date Online

A first date on Valentine’s Day may be a lot of pressure, but why not branch out and chat up a guy or girl you wouldn’t normally talk to? Why not give a new person a chance and set up an easy coffee date midday, or a late evening drink meetup? Isn’t now as good a time as ever to meet someone new? You never know what can become of one date. Everyone who has ever fallen love had to go on that first date.

6. Sob A Little If You Want To

If you’re feeling salty over an ex, cry a little – preferably at home alone, of course. Burn some old photos, rip up some old cards and delete memories away while you sob like a baby. It’s okay. No one’s judging you, but make sure the next day your tears are gone and that you’re ready to face the world again. Sobbing too much is a waste of good moments and memories to be made.

Your time for romance will come, so don’t let this Valentine’s Day get you down. Stay focused on the positive things about being single and treat this day like any other.

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  1. Good morning Laura,

    Thanks for your blog. As a dude, I never attached much meaning to V day, except when my late soul mate & love of my life was with me after 37 years. But no crying over things that were. Have to move on and look forward to the better things around the corner. As the Tony Bennett song says, the best is yet to be.

    Life is what ever you put into it. You get nothing for nothing. Tomorrow is going to be better than all the yesterday’s of time gone past.

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