In the previous blog I discussed the potential benefits that Valentine’s Day can bring to the online dating world.  Despite the fact that the media bombards us with messages that make us feel lonely and almost ashamed of being single on this day, Valentine’s Day will always be full of thousands of singles logged into just dying to meet someone new.  Online daters will more likely be more open than ever to meeting someone on a day like this.

As a follow up to this online dating help, I would like to propose the idea of going out for one night only.  Why?  This is a dream day for those of you that fear approaching men or women out in public.  Most men and women have approach anxiety due to fear of rejection.  However, on this day, if there is one thing that we know for absolute certain, it is that any men and women whom are out without a significant other are single.  This is a great time to approach, without fear, and practice all the online dating skills that you have been working so hard to perfect.

Use openers that pertain to the situation such as starting up a conversation along the lines of:

“So my friend wouldn’t come out tonight because he/she thinks it’s embarrassing to go out without a date on Valentine’s Day.  Do you think he is right because I think it is just ridiculous?”  (People love opinion openers when out at bars etc).

Be sure to ask this to the entire group, not just the girl/guy you are interested in.

Does this mean forget JDate?  Absolutely not.  But a little real world practice never hurts every now and then in order to prepare ourselves for when we do find that special someone online.  So get out there, practice and enjoy the single life!

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