Love is in the air! Oh, yes it is! Ahhh Valentine’s day… but we also often love to hate you. That is, until we wake up with a dozen roses and a box of chocolates at our front door. Winning! But, if you’re not feeling like that is going to happen for you this year, not to worry! Let’s take this opportunity to get a better understanding of your love style in relationships and shift the focus onto the one planet in your birth chart that oozes love and affection – our dear friend, Venus!

It’s important to understand that we have ALL the planets in our chart; we are so much more than just our Sun sign. Every chart is entirely unique (just like a snowflake) and is an energetic blueprint for who we are. As each planet in the chart is responsible for a different function, Venus is about our values, as well as how we give and receive love. It’s our approach to relationships and the way we relate to our love interests. That being said, it’s important to know how your Venus operates in your chart so you can better understand your relationship needs and desires.

Below are general descriptions of Venus in each sign. Please note the aspects to your Venus and house placement will alter the way the energy is expressed, however, it’s important to begin with a baseline understanding of how Venus desires to engage with others in your life. It’s also important to note that men and women use their Venus energy differently. Women tend to express their Venus sign, whereas Venus in a man’s chart is what turns him on to a woman and what qualities he’s attracted to in her.  Similarly, if you’re attracted to the same gender, it’s about understanding your Venus qualities in general qualities because they are also going to show how you truly connect with others.



If you have a Venus in Aries, you are the hunter in love and you love the thrill of the chase! You are assertive — when you see someone or something you like, you go after it! You are passionate, confident, and decisive in love. You get things done! Planning dates that have a lot of activity (such as sports) is something that will excite you. Speaking of “action”… physical contact in relationships is a must for you and is what drives you wild! This Venus placement is in a fire sign and it’s no surprise that things can get very steamy! Independence is also very important to you, so for a relationship to go the distance, you need an independent and assertive partner as well. Someone who can go out and do their own thing every once in a while is a big turn on because you need some time to lead your own show as well. It’s not uncommon for people with a Venus in Aries to start things off very quickly; however, you can also be known to lose interest just as quickly! They key is finding someone that can keep you on your toes – that’s a keeper for you!


If you have a Venus in Taurus, you can be very sensual in life and in love. You truly value the finer things in life and you want to be able to experience it all through all of your senses. Ambiance is important to you, and to win you over someone simply has to set the mood with candles, wine, and music. All these material comforts are important to you as you are not one to sacrifice quality over quantity. Since Taurus is a fixed sign, this placement can at times get jealous… it’s not because you are insecure, rather, it is due to the unwavering loyalty that you possess. You are slow, but steady in love and expect the same in return. When someone with a Venus in Taurus likes someone, or something, there can be a tendency to overindulge. This can at times be taken for being possessive; however, for you it’s more that you want to truly experience the object of your affection. This is not a placement of someone who jumps into relationships quickly, you need to set your own pace and feel comfortable moving forward. If someone gives you the time you need, then they will be rewarded with a loyal partner for life.


If you have a Venus in Gemini, make sure you are ready to talk, talk, and then talk some more! With this placement being in air, a mental connection is the key to your heart. It’s not about deep conversations here, let’s save that for Venus in Scorpio. In order to get you excited on a date, or to even get you to the bedroom, your partner needs to have more brains than looks – this is non-negotiable! You want someone you can banter with — even if what you are discussing is not really that important. It’s really just about the back and forth, the laughing, the sarcasm… being playful with words stimulates your heart. Yes, you are the master flirt and yet you probably don’t even realize it because it comes so naturally to you. It can be hard to pin someone down with a Venus in Gemini, but the one who can learn new things with you, go to new places with you, and keep up with your fun, lighthearted approach to love will definitely make it to a second date!


If you have a Venus in Cancer, you are very sensitive and will respond best when you feel you have emotional security – this will help bring you out of your shell in love. You are very protective of those around you, and you will treat ones closest to you like members of your family. If you have your Venus placement here, you will also respond positively to a partner that cooks for you and can take care of you when you are sick (a little mothering, if you will), as you would do the same for them. You are very sentimental in love and celebrating anniversaries or special days mean so much to you. Since Cancer is connected to the unconscious, you have a tendency to store past hurts in your memory bank and hold onto them beyond their expiration date. There is a deep-seated fear of abandonment inherent in this placement, so this can also cause you to become clingy in relationships as well. With a Venus in Cancer you have so much love and nurturing to give; it’s important to learn to let go of what you don’t need and only hold onto those who are truly important to you.


If you have a Venus in Leo, you are oozing with love and affection! You have so much love to share and will do so with the right partner. You enjoy expensive gifts, big displays of affection… basically anything over the top is going to excite you and you, in turn, will do the same for you lover. You are romantic, and like to court and be courted. This is the placement where you are looking for your lover to arrive on a white horse…with a trumpet… all the while shouting at the top of their lungs how much they adore you! Why should you settle for anything less, you ask? You won’t, and that’s fine because you can be very serious and loyal when you commit to a partner since you are a fixed sign in love. If you’re treated like a king or queen, then you will also do the same as well. Attention in love is something you expect. It’s alright to admit that you need it and want it (probably more so) than some of the other signs. After all, drama is your middle name, and not in a bad way. When you show your love, it entertains all of us in the process. Keep sharing your joy and spread the love!


If you have a Venus is in Virgo, you express your love through being of service. You are a steady and loyal lover who will not only take care of someone if they are sick, but you will bend over backwards to make sure they are nursed back to health even better than before. This is the placement that absolutely means “for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.” You devote your heart to someone by doing things rather than talking about them. With this Venus placement you can be very picky in love and may actually find a lot of things wrong with people. Learn to let some of that go, and know you will never find anyone who is perfect… only someone perfect for you. The way to your heart is by someone expressing appreciation to you for all your acts of kindness and service. This means more to you than most other signs.


If you have a Venus in Libra, it’s all about you AND your partner! You want to share everything with your lover. It’s not yours, it’s not theirs, it’s ours is what you would say — and truly mean. This is one placement that will absolutely feel more complete with a partner around. Whether it’s going shopping, watching TV, or simply bouncing ideas of each other, you thrive in the presence of your partner. It’s extremely important for you to be treated fairly and you will do whatever it takes to maintain a proper balance and harmony in your relationships as well. As an air sign, communication is also a must have, but this should not be a problem for you as you exude a charm and grace that other signs can only dream of! You know how to use your words to be persuasive and, in fact, it is part of what makes you so highly attractive. Yes, looks are important to you, however, it’s more about an aura of grace and social presence that gets you going!


If you have a Venus in Scorpio, this is a placement that is not for the faint of heart! You are fully committed when it comes to relationships and it is difficult for you to have one foot in and one foot out the door — it’s all or nothing for you! You express yourself in love through your undying loyalty and commitment. Just like Taurus, you’re a fixed sign, and can be known to get possessive over your loved one as you take relationships very seriously and want to feel like you have some control in them. This is not a placement to be taken lightly. You came here to merge with another, and you will do so with the right soul. If you are hurt in love, it will be hard for you to give someone a second chance, and your first reaction may be to lash back at them (whipping your scorpion tail) because they hurt you. Be careful, however, that you do not burn your bridges with that kind of intensity. Channel this passion for good rather than for the lower octave of this energy. Relationships for you serve as a catalyst for transformation. You are learning to merge with another person, and this will help you grow in every aspect of your life.


If you have a Venus in Sagittarius, you’re looking to have fun, travel, and laugh with your partner. You are lighthearted in love and want to experience many adventures together. While you are not quick to commit to a relationship, that does not mean you do not care. For you, love and romance are about making memories while still enjoying your freedom. With a Venus in Sagittarius, this is not a placement that will woe a lover (nor will you want to be wooed) with sentimental cards and poems. However, what is going to make you move mountains is finding the right lover that gives you your freedom (mentally and physically), yet be willing to jump on a plane in a moment’s notice and travel the globe with you. Expanding your horizons, meeting new people, and learning together are all at the core of your check list. Finding someone that can match your flirtatious, yet innocent ways will also keep you laughing until the sun rises, and will definitely lead to a second date for you!


If you have a Venus in Capricorn… I’m not gonna lie… status is important to you. You are ambitious and are attracted to others who can achieve just as much, if not more, than you can. You want to be at the top, and expect your partner to be right alongside you. Although many would not know this about you, as an earth sign you tend to be very sensual and passionate, yet you keep this side of you concealed for your lover. You are loyal and respectful, and look at love in a mature way. In fact, you may even be attracted to an older lover. This is not a high school kind of puppy love, rather one that is slower to get started, but can end up lasting a lifetime. Mutual respect is on the top of your checklist because with a Venus in Capricorn you simply won’t be able to commit your love if it’s missing. You look for and express your love in a very traditional way by being romantic in courtship and doing the ‘right’ thing. Again, it’s all about status here, so it’s fine to accept that you really do care what people think of you and your lover.


If you have a Venus in Aquarius, first and foremost you need to be friends with your lover. You’re a thinker and in order to get to your heart, a lover needs to get to your head first. A partner who is intelligent is way sexier to you than a partner who has a perfect body per se. You are attracted to different, strange, and unique aspects of life and this also includes your love relationships! Anything that is non-conventional will pique your interest. Freedom is very important to you in relationships as well, however, it’s not so much about the freedom to roam around like it is for Sagittarius, but rather, it’s about the freedom to be who you are… even as unorthodox as that may be. This is a non-negotiable for you! Although you are not quick to be tied down to a relationship, as a fixed sign, once you commit to your lover, you will stick with them through thick and thin… just as long as they are quirky enough to keep up with you in the process!


If you have a Venus in Pisces, you are ultimately seeking your soul mate! You are sensitive, romantic, and enjoy being close and affectionate with someone you love. Anything that is thoughtful, such as a poem or a handmade gift, will stimulate your heart so much more than simply an expensive gift. A person with their Venus in Pisces expresses their love in such a sincere, compassionate, and loving way that they will adore all of their partner… even their faults. In fact, if your Venus is in Pisces you can wholeheartedly embrace aspects of your lover that others may have seen as issues in the past. You respond greatly to anything romantic and sharing spiritual moments with your lover. If you have this placement, you want your romance to truly replicate a fairytale. This is beautiful and magical, and yes, it can happen, however, it’s important to note that you can often wear rose-colored glasses in relationships, so try and make sure you are seeing your relationship clearly for what it really is, rather than for what you are wishing it to be.

Danielle Paige is a healer and spiritual life coach who uses astrology as a tool to uncover the truth of your purpose in this lifetime. She is passionate about helping her clients understand the energies they were born into so they can live happier, more fulfilling lives. For an in-depth, personalized reading on your own birth chart, which will help you gain insight into your love life, career, money, strengths, your soul’s purpose, and even your karmic past, you can contact Danielle at [email protected] or sign up for her newsletter at
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