It all started when Vicky “hot-listed” Chad on JDate in 2007. Pretty early on it seemed likely that the two would meet, but neither would have guessed their online flirtation would lead to a relationship, a house, a puppy and eventually marriage!

They went to dinner at El Cholo in Santa Monica for their first date. The two swapped SAT Math scores and talked about the things they did for fun. By the end of the date however, Chad thought he was never going to hear from Vicky again (she was very quiet by the end of the night). But, the fact was that Vicky was charmed by Chad’s ridiculously good looks and didn’t want to say anything wrong by mistake! Their attraction grew into friendship — and eventually grew into love as well. The two say it’s hard to imagine a future without the other one in it!

How Vicky and Chad Got Engaged

(The end of the 10-year plan):

Vicky and Chad were never in any hurry to get married, and decided very early on to make a “10-year plan.” It grew into a joke with the two saying, “Only 6 years left in the 10-year plan!” But it allowed them to grow and mature at their own pace. During the first five years of their relationship, Vicky and Chad bought a home and adopted a perfect five-pound puppy who has since become the princess of their household.

To celebrate their five-year anniversary, Chad set up a weekend trip to Monterey, CA where they biked the famous 17-Mile Drive and explored the Monterey Aquarium. Before dinner one night, Chad got down on one knee and asked Vicky to marry him. Chad was really nervous, but he shouldn’t have been. It was an easy answer for Vicky: “Yes!”

Vicky and Chad are very excited about their upcoming wedding in May. They have been busy planning all of the details and are glad to be able to share the special occasion with their families and friends.

The couple says they are grateful for JDate and (even though they are five years ahead of schedule) they are excited to finally be a success story!

Vicky and Chad
El Segundo, California

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  1. so cute you two! love it. i’m counting down the days until your wedding. woohoo!! 🙂

  2. Great story. Great couple. Now I need you to find me a great uncle from JDate… CUSoon! Luv, you cuzzie, Joycie

  3. Love reading this. Very sweet and inspirational. And especially dig the Aunt’s comment. Too cute. Reminds me of mine! Congrats!

  4. Very beautiful couple. Good
    luck in your personal life.
    Greetings from Ukraine

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