Plenty of people work at home these days, not just Moms (SAHM). But when you’re single and work at home — either because you’re an entrepreneur or have a flex-job that leaves a lot of time for JDate-surfing (and stalking) and means that you may be a bit too available to answer an email quickly, schedule a date and just be over-available. Additionally, when you tell someone that you work at home then they might think that you are unemployed or under-employed. It’s great to have the skills and flexibility to work from home (believe me!) but how you convey your career to a prospective date is important.

Let your prospects know that you have a home office and set hours and although you can meet for a lunch date you only have a limited amount of time because you need to get back to work. Of course, you can also let a date know that you can move deadlines and meetings around in order to continue the momentum of a really great date, just don’t risk your career.

If you don’t have a home office, set something up that is not necessarily on your kitchen table or spread across your bedroom floor. Your professional career — and love life — will thank me later.

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