Everything I write about, whether it’s for JDate or my personal blog, I take from my experiences, thoughts and opinions and use them as inspiration for each piece.  As a result, people in my life are often mentioned in my writing. However, even though I know that my friends and family don’t mind this reality, I often wonder what a woman who I reference in one of my JDate blogs thinks when she reads it.

Even though I don’t mention names and am careful not to say anything disparaging or critical about anyone except for myself, I still can’t help but wonder how women react when they read about themselves. Maybe some find it flattering, while others might be slightly embarrassed or even annoyed by this side-effect of corresponding or going out on a date with me. Ultimately what can I really do? In the end, I write from my heart about what I’m feeling or experiencing, so no matter how a woman feels about being mentioned in something that I’ve written I hope they know that my writing comes from a good and genuine place.