Up until recently, I was on a dating roll. I was actively trying to talk to a lot of different people, having good conversations and going out on first dates almost every week; however, since my schedule has gotten busy, due to the start of the season, I have lost much of my momentum.

While some people are naturally confident when it comes to meeting people and dating, I am someone who needs to build up my dating self-esteem over time before I’m feeling truly confident about that aspect of my personal life. That is why it is so important that I’m riding a wave of positive momentum, otherwise I am liable to make excuses or take a break from dating when there’s really no reason to.

I’ve been through these cycles before and know that the dating game has its ups and downs. But the important thing that I’ve learned from previously losing my dating momentum is that I need to fight through it. I know that I can’t sit back and wait for a situation to fall into my lap that picks up my confidence, and instead need to try to remain active and build myself back up.

Even though this is certainly easier said than done it is important that I take control of my personal life and do whatever is necessary to keep myself in a confident mindset. Since a portion of my self-esteem is dependent on how I feel about my personal life I know that it’s important I don’t give up on it just because I have hit a plateau; I know that if I stay active and keep trying to improve my situation that I’ll regain my momentum soon.