Everyone has difficult days where nothing seems to go right; and those feelings can be exasperated when you’re single and don’t have a partner to listen to your frustrations! There is no instruction manual for life, and when your struggles become too much, or loneliness hits, there isn’t always someone to come with open arms to catch your fall. No matter what happens, however, you have to be able to pick yourself up and keep on moving on! Here are five ways singles can turn that frown upside down and make the most of each day.

1. Give Yourself a Day to Mourn

No one is superman. Everyone needs time to adjust and express their emotions. If you just broke up with someone, give yourself time to mourn and be sad. If you don’t give your heart time to recover, you’ll just wind up bottling your emotions. That negativity could, in turn, wind up being stretched out for several days, weeks or even months (all because you refused to actually feel your feelings)! Take time to mourn the loss of your old relationship and, once you truly have moved past your ex, get ready to give your heart new life!

2. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Make sure you surround yourself with people who are genuinely positive. When you’re in a bad mood or going through a tough time, the last thing you need is to be around people that will add to your negative state. In order to get out of your rut, you must be around positive people that will bring out the best in you. As you begin to put yourself out there and meet new people, focus on dating positive people who make you laugh and feel good. A little bit of positivity can go a long way and change your mood tremendously.

3. Remember, This Too Shall Pass

It may not seem like it, but this time of sadness/loneliness will not last forever. Keep that in mind and stay positive. The longer you wallow during this sad time, the longer it will take you to overcome everything. No matter what you’re going through (loneliness, a breakup, career frustrations), it’s not the end of the world and tomorrow will still come.

4. Write Out and Read the Positives

A great thing to practice is a positivity jar. When you think of something you’re thankful for — or a positive moment, a good friend, a new hobby — write it down and put it in a jar or box. When you’re having a rough day and need some positive reinforcement, you can read the notes from your positivity jar/box. Reading the positive notes will help to bring a smile to your face and allow you to be thankful during your sad time.

5. Remember Your Goals

Life will continue to go on no matter what happens, so try to keep your goals in mind. If one of your goals is to find love, rest assured you do not have to achieve that goal immediately. However, (depending on the situation), you can use your current situation as motivation to keep moving forward. If you’re tired of being lonely, focus on what you can do to stop being lonely. In addition, working towards your goals will help you take your mind off the heavier things weighing on your mind. Being able to clear your mind and have a fresh outlook can help you in the long run.

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