Thanksgiving is a great holiday because it involves two of everyone’s favorite things – food and family! Sometimes we can get caught up with the hustle and bustle in life, but there are several things you can do to slow down and enjoy this fun-filled holiday. Here are five ways to bring thanksgiving into your life.

  • Color.  Surround yourself with the fall colors. Oranges, reds and browns help lift our fall spirits and prepare us for the great Thanksgiving holiday. The colors will help evoke your positivity and love for the season. So add some candles around the house use a colorful fall tablecloth or display pumpkins throughout. The abundance of the fall aurora will help get you ready for the holiday.
  • Practice New Recipes.  Of course no one wants to change Grandma’s peach cobbler recipe or Mom’s famous gravy but Thanksgiving is a great time to try new recipes. Since you’ll probably have a lot of family together, go ahead a few weeks in advance and pick the recipe(s) that you want to experiment with. This will give you time to test the recipe and see if you like it. If you don’t, there are thousands of other recipes out there that you can research and try. Your family will appreciate your new challenges and enjoy the taste testing.
  • Be Thankful.  Voice your thanks whether it’s telling others what you’re thankful for or writing it down. Encourage your children or other family members to partake in the thankful festivities by writing the reasons why they’re thankful and displaying them on a Thanksgiving tree or a Thanksgiving jar. Then during Thanksgiving dinner everyone can read the precious notes and feel spiritually rejuvenated.
  • Enjoy Nature. Go for a walk or just sit out on your porch. Admire the beautiful brown, orange and red leaves. Breathe in the crisp fall air. You can sip warm hot chocolate or apple cider as you admire the fallen acorns and nature that surrounds you.
  • Help Others. Donate canned goods to your local food banks or adopt a family and cook Thanksgiving dinner for them. Thanksgiving is all about being thankful and giving, there is no better way to celebrate thankfulness other than giving back to others who are less fortunate. There are many organizations who will even accept donated turkeys; so if you are blessed with an extra turkey contact your local food bank or church to seek ways to donate it to families in need.

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