Millions of men out there love a bad girl. 

The reasons for this are numerous, however, all make good sense.  Last time I discussed the allure of a bad girls sexuality, as well as the promise of excitement.

Today I would like to discuss something that both men and females seem to have in common, which is the notion of being attracted to someone that creates a chase.

As most men who follow my online dating advice know, creating a chase and high demand for yourself is one of the most important attraction builders that a man can work on.

However, this is no different for a woman.  Men are highly attracted to women who provide a chase as well.

And what type of girl puts up more of a chase than your typical bad girl?  They never seem to care.  They always seem to have a million other options.  And they act is if we are just objects circling their personal orbit.

While this is frustrating, heartbraking, and downright makes guys crazy, it is also irrisistable and men cannot get enough of this! 

We are a crazy species indeed huh?  Sorry nice girls.