I now know the total number of nights I can force myself to sleep despite hunger.  That number is nine.  Of course, there are people in the world who starve involuntarily, and I can’t imagine how painful that is.  However, on a scale of one to hamburger, my pain has been a steady eight.  It’s not so much that it impairs my ability to move or breathe, but it is enough to make me constantly open the refrigerator and just stare blankly at the empty shelves for minutes at a time.  Another trend I’ve noticed recently are my dreams.  Though usually occupied by school, work, and girls, they now belong completely to food.  Instead of showing up for school with no clothes, I now show up to McDonald’s® with no money.

I have hit a plateau the last few days.  This morning, I woke up starving, but Subway® was not yet open, so naturally I went to the convenience store and bought a Golden Grahams® cereal bar and a Yoo-Hoo® drink.  This meal has a different nutritional value than a dry turkey sandwich on wheat bread.  Also, since I had already broke protocol, I also had Reese’s Pieces® and an Icee® at the movies.  This is all completely contrary to the dietary restrictions I set upon myself ten days ago.  As a result, I am forcing myself to not eat for the rest of the day.  I am a little worried that my escalating hunger may interfere with my writingsdfz.

I think I have to go lay down soon as it is getting more difficult to think of ideas and then write them down.  If you live in the Houston area, and aren’t busy sometime, I would love to take you to Subway®.  The staff knows me by now, though I am pretty sure that one lady is obsessed with my sister.  Wow, there was no reason for me to say that just now.  Just something I thought I’d say.  However, I would love to treat you to a meal so long as that meal consists of a 6-inch sub, no chips, and a tap water.  I do not have much money left as a result of my expensive diet.  I guess I’m an old-fashioned type of romantic.