Recently I asked a woman that I had been emailing with over JDate if she wanted to grab dinner or a drink sometime, and after replying yes she opted to give me her Gmail address instead of her phone number. Since I use Gmail, and have it open in my Internet browser all day at work, I had no problem with using it as our primary mode of communication for making plans. Since your Gmail address is linked to a profile that you set up with your basic information, when you send someone an email your first name, and not your email address, will appear.


Last Monday afternoon I was working on a project for several hours and immediately after I finished I thought to check my Gmail account to see if I had received any emails during that time which required a response. However, when I opened up my Gmail account I nearly had a heart attack since I initially thought I had an email from an ex-girlfriend that I had dated for a long time. Fortunately in the moment after I temporarily went into a panic-induced comma I realized that it wasn’t my ex-girlfriend who had emailed me, but rather the woman that I had been trying to plan a date with.


Since that incident I have thought a lot about the fact that they share the same name and whether or not that was weird. Perhaps there is some sort of protocol for this type of situation that I’m not aware of, but ultimately I don’t think I’ll know whether or not I have an issue with the fact that she and my ex-girlfriend have the same name until we actually go out on a date, and since we have one planned for this week I won’t have to wait very much longer.