I am married to the most wonderful, considerate man – and I met him through JDate!

Bob and I first met for dinner in December and I knew he was interested right away because he asked me out on a second date before dinner was even over! (After that, Bob continued to ask to see me again before the date was over, so I never wondered “Will he call?”)

On the second date, I asked Bob if he was interested in me; I wanted to be sure because I had two children. He told me he liked kids and that he had two children as well. We saw each other at least once a week after that.

After dating a few weeks, I told Bob I was interested in an exclusive relationship and he told me he was removing his profile from JDate. I did the same.

In the first two months of dating, Bob took me out of town to meet his entire family. Then, in February he took me and my two children from Chicago to Wisconsin not just once, but twice. We had fun skiing and tubing on these mini-vacations.

In June, he flew me and my two children to Orlando, Florida for a vacation at Disneyworld. In July, just seven months after we met, he asked me to marry him. We married on November 18, 2012 and have been very happily married ever since.

Bob is very nice, considerate, and helpful – and decisions are always made jointly. I am very lucky to have found my Beshert.

Wendy and Bob
Evanston, Illinois

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