Dear JDate,

cont-mt-wendy-mitchellMitchell picked me on JDate in June of 2005. He was living in Detroit at the time and moving to a new job in Atlanta in July 2005. Since we both are originally from New York (or as he puts it, I am from UPSTATE New York, and he grew up in the CITY!), we had a lot in common. Our first mini-date was June 30, 2005 at a Starbucks in Atlanta. I noticed right away what a handsome and fun guy he was. To this day, he still makes fun of me since right after our meeting I went to the movies with a girlfriend to see “Herbie the Love Bug”!!

I finally found my true soul mate. Being single all my life and finally meeting the right person at age 47 was worth waiting for. We are best friends. We laugh and have fun. He makes me breakfast. He loves Bed Bath and Beyond as well as Victoria’s Secret. He enjoys cultural events such as plays and concerts in addition to cooking, biking and, of course, enjoying his sports (especially his Cleveland Browns which he still has season tickets for). He is a great dad to two sons who live in Cleveland and are 19 and 21. It is also a plus that Mitchell gets along with my family and friends.

He asked me to marry him on February 2nd, 2007 in front of a bunch of my friends at a tapas restaurant. Since I was so surprised by his timing, my response was: “Are you sure?” I expected him to ask me on my birthday in February or on our vacation to Hawaii in March. Of course, I then said YES!

Since then, Mitchell started a new job in Woodbridge, New Jersey in February, and I transferred up to New Jersey with my company in April. PLUS we have two townhouses in Atlanta to sell… we are waiting to get married until we get settled in New Jersey.

So, after living in Atlanta for eight and a half years, I met a man originally from New York who moved here from Detroit to take me back to the Northeast (New Jersey)!!

Tips for other JDaters:

I was on JDate for many years and had my share of good and bad experiences. One of my doctors wrote a book called “Online Dating for Dummies” and talked about things to do to improve your chances of meeting someone. She strongly recommended that you update and change your pictures often and update the text. So about two years ago, I decided to take this advice and took brand new pictures. I went to my friend Karen’s house, and we took some shots with her dog, Jazz. When Mitchell met me, he asked me what kind of dog I had. I had to tell him the truth — that I borrowed my friend’s dog. BUT, IT WORKED!

Don’t ever give up. I have had friends who got frustrated with not meeting anyone or not being picked. If I hadn’t been on JDate, I probably never would have met Mitchell. You should really never hide your profile since you may miss the opportunity of someone finding you. He was moving from Detroit and looking to meet people in Atlanta. And he picked me. I just turned 49 this year and got engaged for the FIRST and last time. So you always have to believe that you can meet your soul mate.

I also recommend that you PICK people and not wait to be picked. AND expand your criteria.

Wendy & Mitchell
Morris Plains, New Jersey

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