Dear Gems from Jen,
I always offer and usually do pay for dinner, drinks and flowers on dates with the ladies! I suppose it’s expected and traditionally, it’s a man’s role to take care of expenses! Although, many times women step up to the plate!

My question is, through being on a few computer dating services and having read many different bios, lots of females say they love to travel. Do women expect men to pay for the cruise, a weekend in Paris, or even a trip to Disney? What is the proper protocol for who pays?   

Thank you,  

Dear Arnie,
A few weeks ago I answered a very similar question.  However, your question has more to do with bigger expenses, than dinner, drinks, or coffee dates.  It is traditionally a man’s role to take care of the expenses, but that does not mean that a woman should expect that the man will pay for everything. I have always said that a woman should have enough cash on a date to cover at the least her share of the bill.
A day at Disney is one thing if you happen to live near a Disney park. I would consider this a day trip and a nice place for a date.  However, it is expensive. If you invite a date with you to Disney I would be prepared to pay.  The one who does the inviting, I believe, is the one who covers the bill.  If you cannot afford it, don’t go there.  If your heart is set on Disney and expenses are an issue, have an open a discussion with your date about who will pay for what.
I know for me personally I love to travel.  Does this mean that I expect the person I am traveling with to pay the cost of my portion? Absolutely not, however, keep in mind that I wouldn’t go on a cruise or a weekend getaway with a man I was casually dating for a few weeks. Expenses need to be discussed before a vacation is planned with a romantic partner.  If a couple does not agree beforehand on the money aspect, one person may end up feeling taken advantage of; while the other may feel guilty. Or, it could lead to a disagreement. Communication is the key here. My suggestion is to get to know someone well before you start to plan vacations.
Gems from Jen