Dear Gems from Jen,
I started emailing back and forth with this guy. We totally hit it off and could not wait to meet each other. We met last Monday night for drinks and immediately connected. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we texted each other all day long and spoke at night on the phone. He made tentative plans with me for Friday, but said he had to take care of something so he asked if I wanted to meet on Saturday night and I accepted. We texted Friday evening back and forth all evening and then around midnight I answered a question he asked me and he did not answer back. I thought maybe he fell asleep (he did that one night and apologized profusely). Saturday morning came and I never heard from him. I called him and left a voicemail and still nothing. I texted him later to say I was concerned and wanted to know if he was ok…still nothing. I texted him Sunday morning to tell him how baffled I was to not hear from him considering he claimed to be a very up front and straight forward person. I thought we had connected on so many levels and so did he. So, I am asking…what happened here?

Dear What Happened,
I’m truly sorry this happened to you.  No one deserves this type of treatment. I know it can seem confusing, especially when the two of you seemed to have hit it off so well. Unless there was a real emergency there is no excuse for this behavior. Consider yourself lucky that you did not get any further with this guy.
I wish I had an answer for why this happened. It could be so many things that I don’t even want to speculate.  Just realize this is about him, not you. It is cowardly not to explain. Think of it this way; do you want to date someone who is not willing to even let you know he is not going to follow-through with the plans he made with you? He told you he was a straight forward person. Now you know right off the bat that he was not honest with you.  Most guys are not like this so don’t let this experience deter you. Keep up the search and chalk this up to one bad seed in the bunch.
Gems from Jen