Most people want to learn how to write a profile but just are not great writers.  This can be a tough situation.  Online dating profiles reveal not just your likes and dislikes, but your characteristics as well.

For example, if I write a profile that has a lot of errors, isn’t fluent, or just doesn’t grab the attention of others, women may assume that I’m lazy, don’t take online dating seriously, or might not be that smart.

This may not be entirely fair but it without a doubt happens.

The truth is, I know many brilliant people who just aren’t the greatest writers and it is sad to be sabotaged by this.

My advice?  Either ask a friend who writes well to complete your profile, or find an online dating profile writing service.  It may be embarrassing to ask a friend.  It may cost a little money to hire someone.  But with the overwhelming amount of competition out there these days, it is important to get any edge possible.

Too many men ignore the importance of how to write a profile.  It is critical and should never be underestimated.