The Kibitz Corner is back.

This time, JDate Walking comedian Eric Schwartz wants to know, “What Jewish celebrity would you want to see on JDate?”

With a bit of commentary to add to the mix, the top 10 winners are:

  • Jake Gyllenhaal

EFade, 25, Single, Woman seeking a Man, Tulsa, OK

Duh. If this isn’t a no-brainer, we don’t know what is. But easy ladies, technically Jake is only Jewish by way of his mother. Hey, when you’re that tall, dark and deliciously handsome, we still think it counts, right?

  • Gene Simmons

caryng, 49, Single, Woman seeking a Man, Lower Paxton, PA

We get it. Behind all the make-up, sweat and rock star fame, this Kiss front-man is actually a very charming, witty, family-oriented guy.  The thought of groupies aside, who doesn’t love a man in full-body leather?

  • Natalie Portman

SARdog2010, 22, Single, Man seeking a Woman, Denton, TX

She’s beautiful. She can act. And she graduated from Harvard. As we speak, Jewish bubbes everywhere are faclempt and praying for their grandsons.

  • Jeremy Piven

7gila112, 28, Single, Woman seeking a Man, North Miami Beach, FL

Who knows if Mr. Piven is anything like his egomaniacal TV counterpart, Ari Gold?  But, with that quirky smile and nonchalantly confident attitude, there’s definitely something intriguing about him.

  • Bar Rafaeli

MidwestMan , 24, Single, Man seeking a Woman, Long Beach, NY

Listen, if Leo doesn’t get smart and put a ring on it soon, we’re sure he must be missing a few brain screws.  After all, this Israeli-born supermodel is so gorgeous, she appeals to both men AND women.

  • Adam Sandler

supermom1890, 40, Divorced, Woman seeking a Man, Acton, MA

With a dog named Matzo Ball and a raunchy Hanukkah jam that even the most unreligious of folks can recognize, it’s not hard to understand why this funnyman and family guy is so irresistible to the ladies.

  • Jason Schwartzman

Stripes246 , 29, Single, Woman seeking a Man, Brooklyn, NY

Perhaps best known for his depiction of a prep school rebel in the 1998 film Rushmore, Schwartzman exudes an unusual kind of attraction we must admit is infectious. Comedic timing aside, though not strikingly handsome, there’s something about his shaggy brown hair and innocent face that we totally dig!

  • Larry David

Blondie1210, 62, Divorced, Woman seeking a Man, West Palm Bch, FL

Is it his sarcasm? Maybe the stubbornness? Perhaps it’s just his biting wit and overly dry sense of humor. Whatever the reason may be, from Seinfeld to Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David has kept us laughing for years, and we’d imagine sitting across from him at dinner would be no different. 

  • Jon Stewart

alissa6428, 35, Separated, Woman seeking a Man, Merrick, NY

In case you haven’t heard, Jon hasn’t always been a Stewart. That’s right, this Daily Show host was born Jonathan Leibowitz and, despite dropping the tell-tale Jewish last name, he’s definitely no less funny. Plus, we even think his grey hair is sexy (a silver fox, if you will).

  • Ben Stiller

CrazyEclat , 40, Single, Woman seeking a Man, Louisville, KY

He’s been Derek Zoolander, the quirky model, Greg Focker, the male nurse and White Goodman, the fitness guru, among others. And we love him as them all. With such a well-rounded resume, which character HASN’T Ben Stiller played on film?