There’s a scene in the film, The Bourne Identity, where the love interest, Marie, asks the title character what kind of music he likes.  Despite the fact that he is a thirty-million dollar weapon trained by the US government currently dealing with amnesia, we can all connect with him having had that question thrown at us.  Everyone hates hearing that question.  It unearths all of our personal insecurities about our taste in something that can often be very personal.  Also, it is always embarrassing if you like country music or rap.  Everybody always has the same answer: “I like everything.”  Everybody is lying.  Jason Bourne’s answer, however, is genius.  Instead of using a blanket statement based on lies, he says, “I don’t know.”  Marie obviously thinks that this answer is lame but, in all honesty, he really doesn’t know.  Again, he has amnesia, and can’t remember anything before two weeks ago.

I wish I was an amnesiac.  I would have much better excuses for so many things in life.  Why are you not buckled? Why haven’t you seen The Princess Bride?  Why are you running out of that store with stacks of cash?  I know there’s technically not a rule about wearing pants to work, but why?

Anyway, I think the question, “What kind of music do you like?” should be struck from the lexicon of American conversation.  People hate having it directed at them.  The person asking the question is clearly out of things to say.  Why make the situation even more awkward and tense?  Let’s let people like whatever music they want and if they feel like they want to share this personal bit of information, let them tell you first.