Hanukkah/Chanukah/Hanukah/Hannuka is around the corner. I’m usually so shocked by its arrival (um, hello, it’s always at a different and equally surprising time) that I don’t have much time to scour the Internet for original gift ideas. But this time, I DID have time and I wanted to share my finds with all of you.

This isn’t just any old gift guide – this is a list of cool/weird/amazing/hipster/hilarious Jewish gifts that I’d be completely thrilled to receive. And if I like it, it must be cool – I live in Brooklyn.

(Bonus: These are all GREAT gifts to give to someone you’ve recently started seeing and you’re in that weird phase where you know you should give them something but it has to be fun and seem really casual so you don’t scare them away, but also has to be adorable and funny so they want to keep dating you. These gifts are a good bet.)

1. An Unkosher Market Tee $48
These shirts are really cool and also kind of lame in a way that somehow makes them even cooler. (Coolness is hard to pin down.) Bottom line: very cute. Downside: they don’t have a men’s line yet.

2. A Let’s Get Chai Mug by CafePress $10.95
For your fave bud who likes bud. (See what I did there?)

3. Shmutz Happens Canvas Tote by RavensThread on Etsy $15
So true. And a good life philosophy to carry around with you.

4. Your Most Valuable Passwords
So your hipster can watch some high-quality Jewish television, namely: Broad City (Hulu Plus), Wet Hot American Summer (Netflix) and Transparent (Amazon). Because sharing passwords is love (and free).

5. The 2016 Nice Jewish Guys Calendar $13.49
Because who doesn’t love a good mensch?

6. Ahava Dead Sea Bath Salt $22
To remind them of their Birthright days. Classic, cliche, hilarious.

7. “Laidback Latkes” by Munchies
Invite me over! Made from scratch = much more personal. Plus, you’ll only have to pay the cost of ingredients.

8. Ugly Hanukkah Sweater $70
So they can represent at those ugly holiday sweater parties.

9. An Idan Raichel Project Album $12.99
A must-hear for any aspiring Jewish hipster. This Israeli musician is awesome and super well-known in Israel.

10. The Comedy Book Kosher Porn* $9.59
Last, but not least, this hysterical coffee table book of memes full of Jewish pick-up lines will have you laughing for all eight nights of Hanukkah and well into 2016.

*This is my book. Just because I’m biased doesn’t mean I’m wrong!

Happy Hanukkah, everyone! And remember, Hanukkah isn’t really about the gifts – it’s about the latkes.

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