The playfulness and mystique of Halloween always makes it a great time to connect with potential dates. The trouble is you can never judge a person by their costume… or can you? Sure, Halloween’s a time to live out your greatest fantasies, but are those capes and fishnets really saying something deeper? Consider this article your guide to decoding the hidden meaning woven into your date’s costume.

  • The Scary Variety

Believe it or not, horror-movie characters, chainsaws and bloody masks can definitely spell out an adventurous, good time under the sheets. People who’re drawn to these costumes love the thrill of fear and can give you an adrenaline rush with just a passing glance. Yes, their behavior might border on the deviant, but if you keep an open mind, you can pretty much guarantee a good time with Jason, Freddy or Mike Myers—though I’m still on the fence about that clown from Saw.

  • The Sexy (Fill in the Blank)

For ladies, this costume is as common as a cold. However, it’s also easy. You can make any costume sexy by putting on some high heels and stockings: sexy Mario and Luigi, sexy alien, sexy toilet seat, you name it! Men aren’t exempt either. There’s the too hot-to-handle firefighter, short-shorts cop, and the shirtless construction worker. While these sexy outfits get a lot of attention on Halloween, the wearer is usually questioning their sexiness every other day of the year. Word of thumb: the more revealing a costume, the greater the need for attention.

  • Children’s Characters or Animal

These costumes represent a fun-loving bunch. They’re in touch with their inner child and not afraid to show it. Wearing a costume like this to a party is also a clever move because everyone wants a hug from the teddy bear and (regardless of what they look like under the costume) they’ll get a lot of play with the ladies due to their soft, velvety touch. Just beware of those who want to wear this costume any other time of year. Those are entirely different furry-loving folk.

  • Celebrities or Politicians

Even if they won’t outwardly admit it, this costume choice shows a secret desire to change places with a celebrity doppelganger. People who are attracted to this type of costume trade in cultural currency. They want you to know they are up on their pop culture trivia, thereby making them the coolest person in the room.

  • Men at Work

If your date wears the uniform of a doctor, janitor or pilot without any satirical or horrific twists, they probably like to play it safe… and cheap. On a day where you can become anything you want, fantasizing about having a different job signals consistency, reliability and frugality in real life.

  • Superheroes

The costume of a superhero can make the wearer feel strong and powerful for the night. Usually those who are drawn to these types of characters are more shy and reserved in everyday situations. So if you fall for Superman on Halloween, you’re probably getting Clark Kent come November 1st.

  • The Costume You Can’t Figure Out

This person will usually be the most gregarious one in the room. Creating a costume requiring an explanation means talking to lots of people, if only to answer the question: “What the heck are you?” If the costume comes with an interesting story, you should definitely stick around. And if they can’t, well, at least it shows they have creativity.

  • Inanimate Objects

Whether they’re dressed as a piece of fruit or a household appliance, dates who chose this sort of costume are more the types who like to sit back and observe. They can be private at times, but don’t assume that they don’t have something to say. At least they came dressed up at all. Which leads us to…

  • No Costumer

This person is either lacking in adventure or extremely self-conscious. I can’t stress this enough, people: if you get invited to a Halloween party, buy a wig, Sharpie in a moustache, or throw on some old sports gear. Do whatever it takes, but don’t show up without something! This says boring, uninventive, pass me by. And no one likes a Debby Downer. Unless it’s in costume-form.

A costume can speak a thousand words, but this Halloween if you pick something that showcases your personality, you’ll end up with more treats than a pillowcase full of candy.

Dear Mrs D is an online dating strategist who hosts dating workshops and helps daters craft sexy, sassy online profiles. She also helps singles to create a plan to find their ideal mate online. You can catch her live on her call-in radio show, Dates & Mates with Dear Mrs D.
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