We’ve all spent a few years dating, and most likely we’ve dated people in an assortment of careers. In bigger cities, the variety of jobs is staggering – you can bump into equity analysts, yoga teachers, government policy experts, medical researchers, media mavens and freelancers of all types and stripes.

So, it got me thinking, is there a correlation between your dating style and your chosen profession? Here are a few observations:

Engineer: Plotted and planned.
Chef: Everything’s perfectly timed.
Entrepreneur: By the seat of their pants, no rules.
Investment Banker: Always about risk vs. rewards.
Professor: Goes by the book.
Web Designer: Comes in a “flash.”
Actor: Needs to do it in front of a mirror.
Movie Producer: Likes to call the shots.
Lawyer: Always on the right side.
Shoe salesmen: Anything but straight-laced.
Musician: Lets their fingers do the talking.
Doctor: Always willing to make house calls.
Stockbroker: Looking for their return on investment.
Athlete: Achieves the goal with endurance, agility, and timing.
Fashionista: Dresses to impress.
Architect: Knows underneath “Less Is More.”
Teacher: All about the discipline.
Construction Worker: Very hands on.
Interior Decorator: Completely and perfectly coordinated.
Personal Trainer: Interested in improving flexibility.
Massage Therapist: Does what feels right.
Social Media Expert: Short and sweet –says it in less than 140 characters.
Real Estate Broker: Location. Location. Location.

I’m sure I’ve just skimmed the surface of the variety of potential men and women you may date. Feel free to add careers to this list. And try mixing it up by going out with people in professions you’ve wondered about. You never know what might go on behind closed doors!

By Ruta Fox for Single Edition

Ruta Fox is the C.E.O of DivineDiamonds.com and the creator of  The Ah Ring®, the first and only diamond ring designed for single women.

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  1. Chiropractor – Adjusts easily! Cracks to it!

    Preacher – Prays he’ll get it up!

  2. too easy .. a couple more leads:

    carpenter – hammers it home!
    appraiser – does a comparison approach
    developer – not without a site plan, permits, and a development fee
    franchisor – all about duplicating the experience.. in great quantity!
    sommilier – prefers progressive tastings
    bartender – just wants the order with no high maintenance
    car salesperson – uses a four-square approach to manipulate what they want
    copywriter – ties in visual to help get to the point

  3. This is a really cool article! Thanks for sharing a fun and creative approach to dating.

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