Oh, the age old question of when to move in with your significant other. Moving in together can be very exciting and very fun. However, you want to tread carefully and make sure it’s at the right time, and that both parties are completely ready for it. Here’s how to take it one step at a time when making such a big relationship decision.

Playing House

Playing house is fun, I’ll admit. I vividly remember being in a serious relationship when I lived in Boston years back, and I’d get butterflies during the day just thinking about how I’d get to go to his apartment at the end of the work day, cuddle up on the couch and fall asleep together. Cheesy? Totally! But, let’s be real, what is better?!

You want to take baby steps when it comes to moving in. In my personal opinion, I feel the boy should initiate it. I’m old-fashioned like that. If he’s not ready, and you initiate the conversation, he very well might feel pressured and things could just get uncomfortable. He might get scared off, and you certainly don’t want that. Let him take the reins on this one.

Leaving Things Behind

If things are progressing in the right direction, it’s natural that the topic of moving in together will come up. Maybe it’ll be by way of him hinting that you should leave little bits and pieces at his place, or maybe he’ll start leaving some things at your place. However it happens, just roll with it, and eventually the actual conversation will take place.

On a related note, I’d advise against leaving things at his place without chatting about it prior. Men and women are different and think about these sort of things in different ways. Don’t scare him off by leaving your blow dryer, tampons, makeup, deodorant, underwear and who knows what else under his sink without a discussion.

No Rushing

There’s no rush to move in together. Take it from an “old married woman”; it can be really nice to have your own space. It’s fun to spend so much time together, but a night off here and there is never a bad idea. Leave some room for mystery, and give yourselves enough space to miss each other. Having “me time” is crucial in a relationship, and it’ll just help make your relationship that much stronger. Independence is not only sexy, it’s also vital to a relationship. So take it slow. When the time is right, you’ll live together.

I’m all about moving in together, but only when the time is right. Let me repeat, there is no rush. You have your whole lives to live together, and honestly, once you’re living together, it’s not all butterflies and rainbows and happy times. The merging of the things is a big deal and it should happen when both you and your significant other are completely ready and comfortable with the very big decision of cohabitation.

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