Some people can’t spell and may not know the difference between “compliment” and “complement” while others make the typo unintentionally and spell check doesn’t catch it because it’s really a word. But when you use the example above to answer a JDate profile question about looking for a mate to complement you — except you use the word compliment — then it sounds like you want someone to tell you how awesome you are all day versus someone who is the yin to your yang.

What does this mean?

Read your answers carefully and then do so again after a few days with fresh eyes. If you sat down an hour ago to fill out your entire profile then you probably are not seeing clearly anymore. Take a break. And if you’re known for typos — whether it’s because you can’t spell or because you type too fast — then ask a confidant who is confident to read through your answers and catch whatever you and a computer missed.

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