I’m not really big on using the JDate instant messaging system to chat with women online and, instead, I mostly prefer to correspond via email, gradually building up the conversation from a few sentences to a point where we feel comfortable enough to go out on a first date. However, one of the ways that I find women whom I’m potentially interested in opening a conversation with is to go on the website at night and check out who’s online.

I’ll usually spend at least a few minutes each night during the week skimming through profiles of people online and then shooting quick messages or flirts out to the ones that I want to begin a correspondence with. Although, over time, I have noticed that certain nights are more popular as it pertains to people being on the website. Certainly Friday and Saturday nights are the scarcest when it comes to people who are online, but in recent weeks I’ve noticed that Sunday seems to be the most popular day.

While I don’t know the exact reason why Sunday is such a hopping night for being on JDate, my guess is that people are apt to log on and spend a little extra time on the site on Sundays since, for many people, they haven’t checked their home page in a few days. Of course, with a greater number of individuals online there are more opportunities to spot people that you are potentially interested in; however, it also means that there is more competition, so if you are considering joining the JDate Sunday night party might I suggest logging on early before everyone is already engaged in a conversation.