Without getting too specific let me say that I had a really good interaction with a woman over several weeks where we talked and texted often before finally going out on a date. Even though I had a really nice time, and told her as much, I just didn’t feel that spark which leaves you excited for the next time you get to talk or see the other person.

This being said, we had developed a really good rapport during the proceeding weeks leading up to our date and as a result I would really like to be friends with her; but is that really possible? Can you be friends with someone that you met on a dating site where the initial pretense was that you were trying to start a romantic relationship?

I honestly don’t know the answer to that question but I would like to find out. Unfortunately that idea leads to another question which is: What would she think if I suggested that we be friends? On second thought, maybe I should just drop the idea of being friends with her, even though I believe that if we had met under different circumstances we could have become good friends.

I don’t know, perhaps I am just frustrated that it seems after your graduate from college you can’t be single and make friends with people that are the opposite sex. But, in any case, my wanting to be friends with a woman I met on JDate is probably pretty misguided. In the end, there are limitations and unwritten restrictions that go along with being on a dating site that I’m going to have to abide by no matter how the reality of them sucks.