It is not always easy for the male dater to receive a phone number online.  Sometimes this takes a lot of hard work, practice, and dedication since there are so many more females being hit by guys.

However, sometimes we do receive a woman’s phone number and we get all excited. Unfortunately, for some reason, she does not pick up the phone when we call.   This can be a very confusing thing.  Why would this girl spend all this time not only talking to me, but giving me her phone number, as well, only to not pick up the phone?

Often times when this happens it is because there hasn’t been enough of an established bond and comfort between you and the person you were talking to.  Chances are she enjoyed talking to you and gave out her phone number for a reason.  However, as time passed on between your conversations online and your actual phone call, her comfort level may have decreased along the way, and she no longer feels comfortable picking up your call.

One way to battle this is to establish an inside joke during your actual online conversations.  Then, before you ever call, send a text message relating to that inside joke you have planted.  I call this “conversation seeds.”  Now you will have something to joke about through text messages that may last a couple of days, texting on and off.  This should be done in a flirty, playful way.  This also allows you to smoothly transition from online to real life.  When you do eventually call, her comfort levels will now be raised due to her increased bond and familiarly with you.  If done properly, this will have any girl looking forward to a date with you in no time.