The essence of April Fools’ Day is taking advantage of another person’s gullibility and trust in you, before they discover that trust was ill-placed, after you happily inform them they were fools for trusting you to begin with. Now there’s a holiday I can embrace. April Fools! Oh, it’s just March 29th. Never mind.

A la the old chestnut, “Why do fools fall in love,” why not take advantage of your fellow fools this weekend? Not sure they’ll like the birthday gift you’re buying for them this year? Lay it on them Sunday. If they look disappointed, you have your out: “April Fools!” With plenty of time for a make-good.

Or what if neither of you has relayed the “L” word yet? (Not “like, like, like”) If you’re feeling it, tell her you love her on Sunday. If she says it back, great. If you both then cry out, “April Fools!” … no harm, no foul. But if each of you follow your professed love with, “January through December Fools!” … Uh-oh. Could be the real thing.

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