In much of my online dating advice I often talk about how men must become an object whom women want to chase, essentially displaying alpha male qualities that some might attribute to the stereotypical “bad boy.”

But what about girls?  Are guys attracted to “bad girls” as well?

The truth is that most men are in fact more drawn to bad girls.  This largely has to do with a number of elements that create attraction and interest within the male mind.

1.  Looks.  Men are visual creatures and looks are the number one method that women have towards building attraction with men.  Bad girls often take more time with their appearances and makeup, thus creating more attraction.  In addition, the sexuality with which bad girls dress appeals to women, despite the fact that females will receive hate from the same sex for dressing this way.

2.  Sexual appeal.  When we think of the bad girls of this world we think of sexual appeal.  Both go hand and hand and men like the prospect of someone that will fill their every desire.

3.  Personality.  Bad girls often have over the top and extreme personalities.  This is likely to draw a man looking for a little excitement in life.

When it comes down to it, men love bad girls.  But does this love last?  That is the question!