There are many reasons dating Jewish is simply amazing. I grew up in a predominantly Catholic area and didn’t go out with a Jewish man until my twenties when I lived in New York. I am flexible with dating anyone regardless of religion, but I found that dating Jewish men was really a great experience. For some people, it is no question: it’s Jewish or bust! No matter where you fall on the spectrum from only dating Jewish men and women or being flexible on the matter, there’s no denying the unique benefits of dating another member of the tribe.

Shared Culture & History

Having a similar background and upbringing as your partner is a very special thing. It helps the two of you as a couple because you view life in a similar manner and value the same things. Sharing traditions and religious practices (whether you’re observant or not) is also a way to really create a lifelong love and bond.

Not Having To Explain Jewish Traditions

When you date Jewish, you don’t have to explain to your partner that Hanukkah Harry is just something Jewish parents made up in response to the commercialism of Christmas, or that the cup of wine left out at Passover isn’t because you have a drunken relative coming by late at night. You also don’t have to explain that eating matzo isn’t a curse, although after day two, it sure as heck feels like it. You don’t have to spell out why fasting on Yom Kippur is a way of atonement, but there’s nothing better than breaking the fast.

Even if you just met, your Jewish date gets all of it, and the two of you share a mutual history thanks to the traditions you both grew up with.

Understanding Worried Parents

Your new Jewish partner understands why your dad is fretting more about you finishing your MBA degree than you are. He doesn’t bat an eye when your mom calls every day to see if you ate that day. Most Jewish partners will also have overbearing parents with the same thoughts, values and fears that yours do, which is another thing that you two can bond over.

The Gift Of Gab

Does a quiet Jewish household even exist? When you date Jewish, you meet others who also grew up in a home that valued conversation, education and family more than anything. Dating Jewish means that you’re more likely to meet someone who has the gift of gab and wit you love and treasure so much.

Inside Jokes

Some jokes are best shared with someone who grew up Jewish just like you. Here are a few more ways you and your Jewish partner will be able to relate:

  • The deliciousness of challah: Not only will your date know how to pronounce this bread’s name, she’ll also know that it produces the best French toast known to mankind and is the most delicious bread made on the planet.
  • Pronouncing all those Hebrew & Yiddish words: No, it’s not like we all go around saying, “Oy vey,” or “I’m schvitzing.” But your Jewish date knows how to say Hebrew and Yiddish words that don’t make him or her sound like a cartoon character.
  • Never making fun of Barbara Streisand: Your new Jewish girlfriend knows that making fun of Barbara Streisand (especially to the older generation of American Jews) is an absolute no-no. If Barbara went out and stole money from children’s charities, your mom would still think she poops gold.

Maybe you’ve been open to dating anyone regardless of their religious background in the past, and that’s great! But there’s something special about dating someone who gets where you came from. Give dating Jewish a shot to see why it can lead to a serious love connection.

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